long gallery pop design ideas

If we build a house, we try our best to make it attractive. In today’s post we are going to discuss about long gallery pop design, which is very modern and beautiful pop design.

long gallery pop design

This pop design helps to make your home look unique and attractive, this design is mostly drawn with beautiful lines of bright color, which creates unique atmosphere in your gallery.

L shape hall pop design

This design has to be done with utmost care, because even a small mistake can spoil the beauty of your house, by getting the long gallery pop design done, your house is sure to look attractive.

Long gallery pop design simple

Long gallery pop design is a type of vibrant design, this type of pop design is used for making interior design.

To make it, a different pattern, color is used as well as a good craftsman is required, who has experience of almost many years.

guest room pop design plus minus

The word pop is derived from Sanskrit, which refers to art, music etc. The biggest feature of long gallery pop design is that it uses bright colors and different patterns.

Long gallery pop design for hall

Pop design is done by mixing all these to create a beautiful and attractive environment.

These patterns are used to create motifs ranging from simple designs to intricate designs like animal prints, floral art etc.

Dining Area POP Design

And when it comes to colors, bright colors like blue, yellow, green, pink give rise to a calm atmosphere.

Long gallery pop design images

If you do not use graphic pattern when you are making long gallery pop design, then it is useless.

Graphic patterns are mostly used to create a motif on the floor, furniture, etc.

The other aspect of making long gallery pop design is that you can use velvet, leather etc. to add to it, which makes the gallery look attractive and interesting.

3 fan box pop design ideas

Now when you are getting all this done, you will also have to make arrangements for lighting, because without light the house looks completely useless, it would be more correct if you use LED strips for lighting.

Long gallery pop design for living room

It gives you enthusiasm and happiness in your home. Along with this, the shape you have made, if lighting is done in it, then its beauty will increase.

pop design for lcd tv wall unit

Furniture is an important item in long gallery pop design. If a shape is made by drawing long lines in the furniture, then it looks even more beautiful. Furniture plays a very important role in our house.


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